A few days ago a new spectral physically-based rendering engine called Bella released. In their website the team stated “Designed from a clean sheet, it aims to allow creation of the most beautiful rendered images yet seen.” The team behind Bella seems very optimistic about their engine. But at the current stage, based on what they are showing in their gallery. I don’t really see that Bella can compete with the big players such as V-Ray, Octane, Corona etc any time soon. It is not even close to the open source ones like Cycles. This is really different compared to when FStormRender first introduced the the public. FStorm looked very promising because they can really showed beautiful rendering results. I don’t mean to be too judgmental too early, but I believe that the team behind Bella still has a lot of homework to do to polish Bella further before they can sell it.

If you want to know more about Bella, you check the official website.