The moment we’ve all been waiting for. After 4 years of development, today Blender 2.8 has finally arrived. You can download Blender 2.8 for free from

There tons of new features and improvements in Blender version 2.8. Just to name 5 of them :

  • New UI with left mouse button as the default
  • New 3D viewport offering real-time lighting technology a.k.a EEVEE
  • New 2D animation tool. The old grease pencil that we know has transformed into a complete animation system.
  • New objects management with collections and view layers.
  • New revamped Cycles with more performance and shaders and more.

Along with the release, Blender foundation also release this reel for SIGGRAPH 2019. Check it out.

To learn more about what’s new in this latest release just check out the official release page.