If you tried modeling or texturing 3D objects with wicker surface before, you know how hard and challenging it is to create them. Well that will be a thing of the past because Erindale Woodford just released a free procedural wicker texture for Blender called Wickr.

With Wickr you have deep customization on the wicker materials allowing for any combination of uprights and horizontals, image textures, bumps, roughness etc all driven by node graph. You can also use the material to bake out: diffuse, roughness, alpha, normal and ambient occlusion maps, so it is very well suited for real-time applications such as games or just for optimization on a heavy scenes.

Wickr is freely available on Gumroad, and if you want to help Blender development you get it also on Blender Market for a $2 donation to the Blender fund. You can use Wickr is for any projects, personal or commercial.