At Siggraph 2019, AMD officially released Radeon ProRender 2.0 for Blender. ProRender is a free unbiased or physically accurate GPU renderer developed by AMD.

The new release is a complete rewrite and come as an addon for Blender 2.80. Now it featured a new AI-driven denoising system, adaptive sampling and the option to render large images as tiles. Which is a big bonus for artists who need super large size rendering.

Not only Blender, AMD also released ProRender for Maya edition which is now in version 2.7 adding support for tiled rendering, improved denoising, and support for portal lights. It seems that AMD are aiming for big things with ProRender because they also announced new integrations of the renderer for a range of BIM, CAD and industrial design tools, including for Unreal Engine which is now in beta stage.

To learn more about it you can check the official page at AMD website.