Unity just released Unity game engine version 2019.3 beta bringing or previewing a lot of new exciting features. Some of them are:

  • Revamped Editor UI. New icons and font, visual feedback, and more.
  • Faster iteration with new Enter Play Mode options.
  • Physics updates, now Unity use PhysX library version v4.1.
  • Package Manager improvements.
  • Animation Rigging updates.
  • Terrain update. Now you can create holes! And it works with the physics engine.
  • Graphics updates. The old “Lightweight Render Pipeline” is now called URP (Universal Render Pipeline).
  • URP now support Universal post-processing include: anti-aliasing, depth of field, bloom, color grading & tonemapping, and many others.
  • HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) now supports ray tracing.
  • Light probes improvements.
  • The Progressive Lightmapper now includes the AMD Radeon Pro Lightmap Denoiser.
  • New Input System.
  • And many others improvements..
Multi-track layered animation workflows with Timeline.
URP supports Universal post-processing
Ray tracing in HDRP
Light probe’s new flexible samping
Lightmap exposure

To learn more about this new beta release, check out Unity’s official blog page.