E-on software has released the latest versions of its digital nature tools, Vue and PlantFactory. Referred the “August 2019” updates, both Vue R3 and PlantFactory R3 bring several improvements.

Vue R3 update highlights:

  • Orthogonal projection camera.
  • Officially support Substance materials.
  • Ice rings and rainbow photometric effects.
  • Autoconversion of gamma settings from older Vue scene files.
  • Vue plugins for 3ds Max and Maya are now compatible with V-Ray Next.
  • Several workflow core optimizations.
  • Etc.

PlantFactory R3 update highlights:

  • A lot of bugfixes.
  • Several workflow and performance improvements.
  • Generates normal maps when exporting plants as billboards.
  • Etc.

To learn more about the products you can check the official sites for Vue and PlantFactory.

The above feature image was created by Lars Braad Andersen.